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New Contract to Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri

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AS Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri have been selected to build and outfit the newbuild Knester. The vessel is a combined purse seiner and trawler with over all length of 71,1 m.


The Vessel is a NVC-Design developed by Rolls-Royce Marine AS – Ship Technology, Fish (Nordvestconsult), Ålesund. Rolls-Royce is also the supplier of propusion, thrusters, rudder, steering gear and alarm-units. The vessel is a new design developed with focus on optimizing of speed and fuel consumption, and noisereduction for higher comfort for the crew.

Rolls-Royce Marine AS will deliver all drawings and calculations for the vessel, which will have these main dimensions:


Length over all: 71,10 m
Breadth: 14,40 m
RSW capacity: 2000 m³


The hull will be built by a Polish Yard, and will arrive in Uskedalen in September 2006. The completed vessel will be delivered to the Owners in February 2007.


This vessel is the first built for Owners in Austevoll, the \\\'Centre of Pelagic Fisheries in Norway\\\'.

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Lars Ove Stenevik and Svein Arne Eidsvik
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AS Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri

* Shipbuilding
* Repairs, modifications
* Maintenance
* Constructions of steel and aluminium
* Deckhouse, wheelhouse and mastsof steel and aluminium
* Prefabrication of pipeducts and pipe systems
* All types of welding work

* Good harbour
* 85 meter quay
* 20 ton wharf crane
* 2000 m2 indoor production area

5463 Uskedalen, Norway
+47 53 48 25 00
+47 53 48 25 01

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