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Plot of the new trawler

Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri have been awarded the contract for building and outfitting a 65 m trawler for owner i Scotland. The value of the contract is ca NOK 150 mill.


Eidsvik Skisbyggeri have been awarded the contract in strong competition between several other yards. Our skilled employees have good experience in outfitting this type of vessels, and we belive this is the key factor in the prosess of awarding the contract.


The new-build will be delivered in april 2008.


All drawings and calculations are made by Vik & Sandvik AS.


Main dimentions for the new-build:
Length over all: 65,5 m
Breadth: 14,2 m
Depth to 1.deck: 9,0 m


The hull will be constructed by another yard, and will be towed to Uskedalen in may 2007. The superstructure will be produced by Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri

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AS Eidsvik Skipsbyggeri

* Shipbuilding
* Repairs, modifications
* Maintenance
* Constructions of steel and aluminium
* Deckhouse, wheelhouse and mastsof steel and aluminium
* Prefabrication of pipeducts and pipe systems
* All types of welding work

* Good harbour
* 85 meter quay
* 20 ton wharf crane
* 2000 m2 indoor production area

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